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Startup Cafe

27 Feb

Startup Cafe

SEED is thinking of bringing this idea to Elon and incorporating discussion boards to spark ideas and innovation! Check out this website to see how they’ve interpreted the idea of a Startup Cafe!


Startup Weekend

26 Feb

Startup Weekend

This year, SEED will be traveling to the Triad’s first Startup Weekend! This will let us get to know the event, get a feel for what it’s like, and see if it’s something we’d like to pursue as a co-hosting opportunity next year!

Spring Org. Fair

21 Feb

Come learn more about SEED and meet some of our members at the Spring Org Fair! From 7:30-9:00 PM we will be walking around in NEON GREEN shirts with info flyers so come talk to us and get involved!

Come find us downstairs in Moseley! We can’t wait to meet you!


The Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship

12 Feb

1. Opportunity Recognition

2. Identify & Gathering Resources

3. Creativity in Planning

4. Execution for Success

The New Face of Idea Launch Pad

12 Feb

A lot of times, students have ideas that usually evoke the response, “That would be so COOL if it was actually real!”. Unfortunately, they rarely feel that they have the chance to turn these ideas into a reality.

Idea Launch Pad is meant to help these students take their AWESOME ideas and make them into something more! This will happen with the support of other students, professors, and a panel of advisors consisting of area entrepreneurs and investors.

In many of Elon’s entrepreneurship classes, students are encouraged to share their ideas with their peers and in turn, receive valuable feedback from their classmates. This feedback helps them structure and modify their thoughts to find the most viable concept. As someone who has been through this process many times, I can honestly say that it is one of the most helpful experiences I’ve had at Elon. This is why SEED wants to give every student, no matter what major, the opportunity to act like an IDEO employee and bounce ideas off one another.

We’ve reshaped Idea Launch Pad to resemble the TV show, The Voice. This allows teams to work with trained student advisors in order to compete for the Grand Prize at the end of the week-long round.

Idea Launch Pad

How it Started

12 Feb
Founder of "A Round of Applause"

Founder of “A Round of Applause”

“A Round of Applause” actually began in the classroom at Elon University. Professor Gary Palin assigned his students in Entrepreneurship Skills the task of creating a project with a social initiative that will add value. Emma Price came up with the idea of recognizing the staff at Elon who otherwise go unnoticed. She realized that while professors and admissions staff (for example) are recognized often for the work they do, janitorial and food services staff rarely even get a “Thank You”.

SEED saw this project as an awesome idea and something worth continuing here at Elon so it will now be an annual event here on campus thanks to Emma!


2012 Winners

6 Feb


These students were asked to make something more out of a cardboard box. They answered this challenge with Recyclabot and in turn, challenged Elon to become more environmentally responsible.