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What was your biggest AHA! moment?

21 Mar

What was your biggest AHA! moment?

We want to know what your biggest AHA! moment was, what your ideas are, and what you’re thinking about to make things better….maybe a swivel plate or a magic cord…this company gives us some insight on just how fun it is to come up with our great ideas!


Do Something Awards

18 Mar


Do Something Award Winner 2012

Do Something Award Winner 2012

Do Something Awards is offering a $100,000 grand prize award recognizing and honoring “the nation’s best young world changers, 25 and under”.

Finalists are seen as the pivotal “doers” in their field, cause, or issue. Working with Vh1, the winners will be revealed on live broadcast with a community grant, media coverage, and continued support from Do Something.

This means that if you have a project idea and need funding for it you should apply! Applications are due April 15 at 5:00 P.M. EST 

Burlington girl puts a spin, twirl on the average fundraiser

18 Mar

Written by one of our own Elon Students, this article offers great insight on ways to raise money that you won’t be taught in the classroom. She used it to fund a mission trip to Romania but you can apply these for anything!

Stephanie Butzer

When somebody announces a fundraising activity, it usually means a bake sale, car wash or community auction.

But when Taylor Thomas, 17, began brainstorming ways to raise money so she could participate in a mission trip to Romania, she thought outside the box.

“We definitely wanted to do a spaghetti dinner and at first I thought about doing a talent show with it,” Fundraising ideassaid Thomas. “I was talking about it with one of my friends and she gave me the idea to do a womanless beauty pageant.”

She decided to ask if the firemen at the Swepsonville Fire Department would be willing to partake in a pageant to help her raise the money.

Thomas and her mother, Rene Lefler, are close friends with a few of the men at the fire station.

Thomas has a rare syndrome called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (also known as POT Syndrome) that prevented her…

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Startup Weekend Triad

14 Mar

Elon Students, if you would like to attend this event for FREE, you need to email and let me know! It’s a great opportunity to meet really cool people, get involved with startups, experience the process, maybe land an internship or job, and maybe even win some money!


Be Remarkable. . .

14 Mar

If you’re just doing things that you know are going to work then you’re just being boring.

A quote from Seth Godin said during his speaking event at High Point University

Women’s Panel

6 Mar

The panel today was a great success! Stay tuned for a brief overview from the creator, photos, and comments from audience members!

Thank You



6 Mar



1. Has the company applying for the grant been incorporated?

Companies do not need to be incorporated when they apply for an NC IDEA grant, but they must become incorporated if the company is awarded any grant money.

2. Is your company headquartered in North Carolina?

Qualified companies don’t need to be incorporated in NC, but they must be headquartered or have their base of operations in North Carolina.

3. Does your CEO/Management team reside in NC?

NC IDEA gives preference to companies whose management team resides in North Carolina. 

4. Does your company operate in one of the following industries?
Information Technology
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Material Sciences
Clean/Green Technology

NC IDEA gives preference to companies who are classified as Software, Information Technology, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Semiconductors, Material Sciences or Clean/Green Technology. Companies operating mainly in the Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology industries are considered “out-of-scope” and are therefore NOT eligible for NC IDEA funding.

5. Does your company operate under either of the following business models?

Companies whose primary revenue model is consulting or who are incorporated as a 501(c)(3) are considered “out-of-scope” and are therefore NOT eligible for NC IDEA funding.

6. Has your company received any institutional equity funding?  This does not include any federal, state or local grants or any funding that is not in exchange of equity, or funding from friends and family.

NC IDEA gives preference to companies who have not received any institutional equity funding to-date. 

7. What is your company’s total serviceable market?  
$100M or smaller
$100M – $500M
$500M or larger

NC IDEA gives preference to companies whose total serviceable market is $500M or larger.

8. What is your company’s current stage of development?
Idea (Still on paper)
Research (trying to understand feasibility)
Developing a product (proof of concept completed)
Testing (first version of product complete)

NC IDEA gives preference to companies who have at least a proof of concept completed.  The further developed the product, the stronger your application will be received.