Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Receives Entrepreneurial Medal of Honor from Elon University

11 Apr


If you were unable to attend the ceremony today we thought that we’d share some of her thoughts with you!

Ms. McElveen-Hunter attributed the foundations of her success to her mother’s, “Pearls of Wisdom”. . .

“Can’t” doesn’t exist, 

Time is precious, 

Work is a privilege, 

& Failure is a comma, not a period.

Her words inspired a belief in oneself as she told the audience that the only limitations that are set for them are the ones they set themselves. Using Pace Communications as an example she said, “Remember that time when the recession started and everyone had to start scaling down? Well I decided Pace wasn’t going to participate in that so while everyone else down-sized, we grew”. McElveen-Hunter didn’t describe the job situation as “poor”, she described it as a time for opportunity and entrepreneurism. Backed by research, she stated that the thing that most people want right now is, “a good, full-time job”.

So what does this mean for us as college students? It means that we are the only ones who can limit ourselves and whenever we catch ourselves using the word, “Can’t”, we need to correct it and remember that Bonnie McElveen-Hunter wrote that word on a piece of paper, put it in a box, buried that box, and never looked back. As students, we have the opportunities and the tools to be successful, all we have to do is realize them and recognize that the road to success has a few curves, potholes, and hills but is in every way possible. 


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