Idea Launch Pad: Round 1

23 Apr
Last Thursday night was our first round of Idea Launch Pad where we had around twenty students from the Business, Engineering, Communications, and English departments come and share a total of fourteen ideas! The event was designed to be casual, and facilitate the process of “ideation” or brainstorming to help students not only compete for a spot in the Final Four but more so get feedback and answer questions from their peers. This “idea share” segment was geared towards helping them gain multiple perspectives on their ideas and possibly find ways to expand upon or improve them.
Each student was asked at the beginning of the night to stand up at their table and give a brief introduction of who they were and what there idea was. After that, the participants were given 15-20 minutes to brainstorm with everyone else in the room. There were colored markers and large sheets of paper to draw their ideas or take notes, and students were encouraged to get up and walk around in order to talk to as many different people as possible. To close, each presenter was asked to re-present their idea (with any changes they may have made during the brainstorming phase) and they were given exactly 60-seconds to “impress” the judges.
Professor Gary Palin and Professor Laura Zavelson were the judges for round one and they based their decisions off of the idea itself, its potential to grow/scale, and the ability for the students to actually execute their ideas.
This coming Thursday (4/25) the Final Four teams will return to do a 10 minute pitch to a panel of four judges followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Between the two rounds, the top four teams were assigned mentors (students who have been through, or are in the entrepreneurship program and are able to make sure each team is asking the right questions, etc.). These mentors were given as a resource for developing the students’ ideas and creating their final presentation.
Teams that didn’t make it on to round two were encouraged to either join one of the Final Four teams and/or pursue their ideas with SEED as a resource for them should they want or need any help in turning their ideas into a reality.
It was really important for us to stress that even if an idea didn’t make it on to the next round, it doesn’t mean they should leave their idea behind. There were so many truly good ideas that could be very successful if the students decide to continue working on them.
Join us for our Finale this Thursday, 4.25.2013 at 5:00 P.M. in McKinnon Hall (Located in Moseley)!Image

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