Brian Serow

Brian Serow

Formerly the president of SEED, Brian graduated from Elon’s Love School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship & a Bachelor of Science of Business Administration in Marketing with a sales focus. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Brian is currently serving as a Business Development Representative at NetSuite in Boston, MA. While at Elon he said, “I’m in SEED because you need to surround yourself with the right people early to successfully change the world.”

Timothy Porter

Tim Porter

A more recent graduate of Elon, Tim was also a Doherty Scholar and a student of entrepreneurship. He’s best known for his efforts with, “Lemonade Day”, where his goal was to provide local children with an opportunity to feed their entrepreneurial spirit. Originally from Boston, MA, Tim currently works with companies and individuals to transform their business in a profitable and systematic manner.

Taylor Kane


Graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship and philosophy, TK currently works as the High End Products Coordinator for Colorado with Anheuser Busch.

Oliver Goddu

Oliver Goddu

Originally from Boulder, CO, Oliver studied entrepreneurship and finance with a minor in economics at Elon and recently graduated early this winter. He was an active member of SEED as well as a Doherty Scholar. While at Elon he chose to share what the entrepreneurship department was teaching him and presented, and moderated, a discussion on, “Best Practices of University Entrepreneurship Programs”, at the University Entrepreneurship Summit of North Carolina in Pembroke, N.C.


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